The Wrath Project

A fierce new megalith in the world of heavy metal, The Wrath Project is an international collective of talent hell bent on bringing their brand of metal
to the masses. Beginning their journey in 2008, The Wrath Project has been a work towards perfection since day one, with its members
Elmar Keineke (Colour Trip) on vocals, Mark Wolzenburg (Colour Trip) on rhythm guitar, Frank Andreas (Portugal Towers) on lead guitar, Yanic Bercier of Quo Vadis fame on drums, and Chris Gospodarek on bass, constantly melding their collective influences and talents into a precise tool of chaos.

Best described as modern thrash with a tinge of death metal, The Wrath Project carry their influences proudly, but also adhere to an original soundscape of brutality that will quickly become a trademark of the band. Having just finished their debut album entitled The Cure is the Disease, written and produced by the band themselves in the United States, The Wrath Project are finally embarking on the next phase of their take-over. 

Mixed by Yanic Bercier at Wave Transform Studio, Knoxville, TN, and mastered by Tom Morris at the legendary Morrisound Studios in Tampa, FL, The Cure is the Disease, is a heaping slab of unrelenting fury designed with one purpose—to ruin the necks of each and every listener that dare to take on this thrashing juggernaut.